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Introductory and overview


artificial intelligence
augmented reality/virtual reality
behavioural science
big data
business startup
career development
cloud native
database performance
free software
functional programming
machine learning
personal development
programming languages
software licensing
software methodology/process
systems thinking
user research
web development
Logging, Metrics and Events in ASP.NET Core
Functional Programming with C#
IoT with nothing but your laptop
27 days latter
The History of AI
Affective Computing - What is it and why should I care?
How to make a multi-lingual chatbot and use it in a Xamarin Forms application
Why you should consider Web Assembly in your next frontend project
Whose Design is it Anyway? - In introduction to inclusive design and research
Developer who empathises or empathiser who develops
You should add more Speech API in your bot!
Cognitive Services Extravaganza!
You don’t need a bot for your organization, Do you?
Hacking C#: Development for the Truly Lazy
Elasticsearch: Mining Metrics from Logs
Developing with .NET Core on AWS
The Secret of Container Island
Automating AWS Infrastructure with PowerShell
Embrace the pitfalls (Our stop start journey to Change)
Who Will Test The Tests?
Bounded rationality, complex Systems and Agile principles
Making a noise with F#
GraphQL and Dapper : The quick route to flexible and efficient mobile APIs
The Analytical Engine
The Monolith of Microservices
Reasonable Code
An Introduction to CQRS and Event Sourcing Patterns
Building Successful Event Sourced Applications
Creating a Maintainable Codebase
Who broke the build? — Using Docker to improve local testing and release faster
Fasten your Seatbelts ! Deployment Automation using Dockers and Ansible
Saving the World with IoT
Solving microservices challenges on the Kubernetes platform
PDR's - How to progress your career, get a pay rise and push the business forward
Azure In Action - CosmosDB, Functions and ServiceBus in Perfect Harmony
Building your first dashboard with Azure PowerBI Embedded
TPL Dataflow - The Best Little Async Library You've Never Heard Of
You're the Tech Lead - *you* fix it!
Solving the Travelling Surveyor problem in .Net using Google OR Tools
Level up your tests with Postman
Better the 'DevTool' you know
Teaching an old dog new tricks
Kubernetes, Azure and .NET - What's it all about?
From layers to vertical slices - simplify your code and focus on your features
Confessions of a Tech Lead
Save money and reduce risk by deploying your applications as Immutable Servers to EC2 Spot Instances
Jump into SQL Server Query Performance
Getting Started with Unity and AR/VR for the .NET Developer
All the mistakes I've made trying to implement Microservices
I can Vim and so can you
Unicorns, fairies, formal specification languages and other mythical beasts
Developing Communication
Docker, Kubernetes, Raspberry Pis, and more!
Azure Machine Learning for Developers
Easy Integration with Flow and Logic Apps
BBC Micro:Bit - It does (way) more than you think!
Is your loft cold? (Azure IoT Hubs with Raspberry Pi)
Event Driven Collaboration
How to Escape The Distributed Monolith
CTO secrets: How to get the best companies fighting to hire you
Ditching the test pyramid in a microservices era
The Evolution of DevOps
A Developer Primer on Blockchain
Infrastructure as code, but following your business rules
I want you logged in, I don't want your email address
Writing better textual requirements with EARS
This is a talk about Nothing.
Freedom to choose: Free Software Licensing made simple.
D: It's an option.
Mind Hacking for Sustainable Health & Wellness
Ad-blockers & the ad supported internet; technology, economics, & ethics
Run your ASP.NET Core solution in AKS and survive production
Distilling claims based security in ASP.NET Core
Integrate containers and Kubernetes into your Azure DevOps build and release model
Use ASP.NET Core to build your API microservices infrastructure
Bring your ASP.NET Core solutions to Kubernetes in Azure
Help I'm your manager!
High Performance DevOps
How to write a Virtual Machine in PHP
Why you shouldn't really need to write a DSL and how to do it anyway.
IoT in your Home? Consequences and Countermeasures
Beginning your Infrastructure as Code journey in Azure
Pick a Platform - Hosting Containers in Azure
Building for the Google Assistant: Voice First vs. Screen First
10+1 Things Every Google Assistant App Should Do
Tech for Good: Making a Difference with Google Assistant
Crafting a Character: Create a Persona for your Google Assistant App
Zero to App: Introduction to Building Apps for the Google Assistant
Beyond Smart Speakers: Get Your Google Assistant Apps Ready for Smart Displays
Google Assistant: Thriving in a New Age of Brand Engagement
Designing Your Career: Explore a Career Change and Do What You Love
A Culture of Flexible Working as Key to Keeping More Women in Tech
Leaving No One Behind: Building Apps for The Next Billion Users
Cache me outside - Caching Methodologies and Architectures
Office 365 as a development platform
Nailing down distributed workflows with microservices
Artificial intelligence highlights of 2019. Spot, verify, implement!
Is Sophia - the World's First Robot Citizen - really a super robot? Data science driven explantion.
Turbo Charging your Mob Programming Sessions.
Design Thinking Dad*: Why I take my work home
Draw UX (or how to get your visual thinking groove on)
Debugging with Visual Stduio
Alert Fatigue: Tips to avoid cacophony
Dungeons, Dragons & Developers
Content Security Policies: Let's Break Stuff
Think like a hacker
How to be a better developer - without learning another JavaScript framework
Tales of an app-y developer
From Big Data to Impact in Telematics Industry
Handing IoT Data at Scale
Big Data, Big Testing
Using Big Data for Real World Application
What's In A Game?
Securing the web with AI
Cross-platform headless .NET apps
Resilient global applications with Azure Front Door
The Power of the Feedback Loop
An IoT MOT - Let’s DDD it Live!
Count your steps, count your blessings: A Citical Look at Self-Care Tech
Put some Wifi in my Toaster (and Call it a Day?)
Appsolutely Fabulous
Deep Learning in the world of little ponies
Bring your ML models to life (and production) using DevOps practices
So what is this GraphQL thing anyway and why should I care?
How I won £500 at Royal Ascot And What That Can Teach You About Data Science