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artificial intelligence
automated testing
big data
change management
cross discipline
data analytics
developer tools
language specific
machine learning
mental health
open source
product managment
software methodology/process
user research
.Net Configuration is Easy ... Right?
.NET Core Dependency Injection – The Booster Jab
Serverless Architectural Patterns and Best Practices
Complex systems design in nature
The Big I.D.E.A
Businesses, Cities & Ecosystems
The power of questions
.NET Core Data Security : Hope is not a Strategy
Fighting Back Against a Distracted World - Increasing your Focus and Self-motivation
Blockchain Internals : A Developers View of How Blockchain Works
Building Fantasy Worlds in Code
Hacking Humans : Social Engineering Techniques and How to Protect Against Them
The UX of Community Building
A Future Experience Landscape
A tour of Azure Vision using Azure Notebooks and Python
Dot NET Core 3 with Raspberry Pi
DevOps in an IoT World
Azure IoT Hubs from End to End with Raspberry Pi and Node.js
GitHub, Azure DevOps, so much confusion… or maybe not?
How to make security pervasive without falling into the DevSecOps trap
Let’s move to pipelines as code, it’s about time!
Automations and a touch of DevOps for a fully resilient IaaS cloud estate
Transforming the impossible - a successful Lean story
Getting Started with Unity and AR/VR for the .NET Developer
Management is Not a Dirty Word
A Geek’s Guide to People
TPL Dataflow - The Best Little Async Library You've Never Heard Of
When I Decided to Write A Technical Book
Just what is DevOps Anyway?
Building event driven system with Kafka
Saving the World with IoT
Design for Developers
A threat modeling paradigm to achieving security by design
Using cats to purfect your software architecture
A Day In The Life of A Data Scientist
Decision Making in the Face of Uncertainty
In Retrospect - Making Retros Great Again
Open Policy Agent for Developers
Service Mesh for Security Engineers & Governance
Whose fault is this ?
Creating Games in Unlikely Places
The Future of the Windows Desktop (Using .Net Core 3 to Improve Legacy Apps)
Architectural Patterns - A Trilogy of Problems Solved
Functional Programming with C#
Why is a Developer Nothing like an Enchilada? - The Weird Histories of the Words we Use in IT
MongoDB vs SQL Server
Functional Programming in JavaScript
Automated your common processes with GitHub Actions
Design is your new secret weapon
What is Blazor? And why’s it so exciting?
Building next generation web apps with Blazor
Making a noise with F#
Thinking Functionally
Learning a new front end framework never Svelte so good!
Agile had better Shape Up or ship out
Moleculer is [sic]
I can Vim and so can you
Get some clojure
About two weeks?": How to give better estimates
-1 beers, 0 beers, 999999 beers, abc beers and a pack of nuts
DAPR, CNAB, Porter, OAM, RUDR- OMG! Demystifying cloud native app development and deployment tech
Provisioning your Cloud with .NET
Make smartphone-only banks more accessible
The Power of Change: Learning to be a "Weirdo
The invisible walking stick
Affective Computing – bringing humans and machines closer through emotions
Machine learning in the browser using TensorFlow.js
Machine Learning on the edge using TensorFlow Lite
The History of AI - what can we learn from the past?
Why you should consider Web Assembly in your next frontend project
Bourdieu's social theory applied to tech
How to be remotely productive
Use your source code to document your application
Make sure no one discover your secrets, start using Azure Key Vault
Infrastructure As Code: Terraform 101
Concerning Codepoints: Undertaking Unexpected Unicode
Testing In Production: How To Know When Things Are Wrong Before Your Customers
Agile Engineering Live!
Accessibility and Common Sense
Dotnet tools for the Dotnet developer
Breaking perfectionism and being yourself at work
Websites Live In Homes
Artificial Intelligence and the Rise of the Machines
Going Serverless: Building Websites using Azure Storage and Azure Functions
Ring-fence the Chaos: When Technical Teams Meet Organisational Systems
5G - Fact and Fiction Behind the Hype
7 Things I am ashamed to admit I still Google
From layers to vertical slices - simplify your code and focus on your features
Building better ASP.NET web applications in 2020, whatever the framework...
Implementing reliable DDD-based microservices
How the open-source can change your life for the better
Invest in yourself. Be searchable!
Teaching a Toddler to Read and Write (well, type) with Javascript
Creating a hybrid and multi-cloud strategy using Azure API Management
Building better security for your API platform using Azure API Management
Building Smarter Solutions Using Azure And Cognitive Services
A Guide Through The Azure Messaging Services
Azure Resource Manager In A Serverless World
An introduction to Blazor
Developing Actions on Google with .NET
Want to know about spices? Lets talk to Alexa!
You have a blog? Lets turn it into an Alexa Flash Briefing !!!
Coding the trolley problem: Ethics in development
What's it worth? How to work out the value of what you're building
Hello Git Merging
Dungeons, Dragons & Developers
Being Heboi - The Beauty of Failure
From Under the Desk to In Your Cloud: The Rise of Low Code Solutions
The Power of Asking the Right Questions
Improving the UK’s Driving Test Experience
Making Operational Azure Management a breeze.
What is Azure DevOps? Why Should I use this? How do I get started
Using Azure as a Platform for good - The story behind mhasl.me
Mental Health: Its Time to Talk
Good Writers Become Great Developers
Help I'm your manager!
The Politics of Tool-Shaming
DevSecOps: A view from a startup
Fancy Bears are not your problem – real-world appsec
Authentication for Serverless
An app modernization story with Cloud Run
Serverless containers with Knative and Cloud Run
Just what is a pod, anyway?
Mutant Pods
Removing application complexity with sidecars
Surviving the Appocalypse
Getting started with Web Accessibility Testing
Machine Learning in C#?! Building Machine Learning pipelines and models using ML.NET
Building Event-driven applications using Azure Cosmos DB and Azure Functions
Agile and Outsourcing: A How-To Guide
Learning from our Serverless mistakes
Lambdas and streams in practice
Improving System Resiliency via Chaos Engineering
Monitoring your Microservics and Infrastructure in a Cloud Native world using Prometheus
The State of Resiliency Engineering in Software Systems