Director/ Co-Founder / Co-Organiser

Picture of Jessica White
    Pronouns: She/Her

About Jessica

Fully caffeinated, Jessica is more whirling dervish than person. Professionally, she is a Technical Architect. Outside of work she is a Microsoft MVP, Mentor, Organiser, Gamer and avid reader.

Jessica has a lot of event organisation experience. Having founded Women In Tech Nottinghamback in 2015, and running it for nearly 2 years, she has previous experience with running an inclusive event. She also co-organises the .NET Notts meetup in Nottingham.

Jessica's Responsibilities

  • Partner Agreements and outreach
  • Scheduling
  • Contracts
  • Social Media
  • Staffing
  • Managing the Open Source Repositories
  • Speaker Management
  • Links

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  • Twitter
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