DDD East Midlands has been postponed to 2021
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About DDD East Midlands

About Developer! Developer! Developer! (DDD)

The Organisers

Promoting Inclusivity

About DDD East Midlands

Nottingham is the perfect blend of the professional corporates and the innovative independents and this bleeds right through to the tech scene. This unique and perfect mix of the traditional and contemporary is reflected in DDD East Midlands. It is part of the multi-national DDD conference community, but with a focus on promoting the talent, companies and the amazing tech community the East Midlands has to offer.

But what is the DDD about? What is this conference?

DDD stands for (in this case) Developer! Developer! Developer!

Developer! Developer! Developer! is an umbrella, open-source conference format. By naming ourselves DDD, and associating ourselves with similar events, we abide by certain principles. Other than that, this conference is by the East Midlands community for the East Midlands community and is unique in its own right. There is more information about Developer! Developer! Developer! further down this page for those interested.

The event follows these DDD Principles:

  • The event is hosted on a Saturday so that attendees do not have to take time from work.
  • Tickets to attend the event are free.

As well as our own following principles:

  • All talk submissions are anonymous.
  • There is a democratic selection process for talks involving attendees voting for what they want to see.
  • The event is arranged with the community in mind.

About Developer! Developer! Developer! (DDD)

DDD was first formed as a conference in 2005, the first event happening in Reading, UK. Since then it has generated many spin-off events across the world.

The aims of the original DDD was to provide free technical education. During it’s more than 10-year history, it has nurtured talented speakers, who have gone on to become Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals, Microsoft FTEs and to present at National and International Conferences.

Though the original DDD conference is focused on .NET, DDD East Midlands is going to be open to a range of talks within the field of technology. It is language and technology agnostic.

The Organisers

The very first DDD East Midlands is being organised by Moreton Brockley and Jessica White. Both have been active members of the East Midlands tech scene for a number of years and have benefited through making lifelong friends, experiencing awesome events and learning. They are eager to celebrate the East Midlands tech community, give back where they can and encourage more people from other places to come and join them here.

Rachel did a fantastic job helping us host the Speakers Workshop and will be helping with correspondance in 2020, and has been a key part of the team this last year.

Rachel Watson: Co-organiser

The newest member of the team, Rachel will be helping with all the DDD East Midlands correspondance, making sure the experience is as seamless as possible for sponsors and partners. She works for Distinct Recruitment and you can find her at a lot of the local meetups.

Jessica White: Co-Founder and Co-Organiser

Fully caffeinated, Jessica is more whirling dervish than person. Having founded Women In Tech Nottinghamback in 2015, and running it for nearly 2 years, she has previous experience with running an inclusive event. You will be in touch with Jessica if you are considering sponsoring the event or have any awesome ideas for the event or related social media.

Moreton Brockley: Co-Founder and Co-Organiser

A Delivery Manager and developer, Moreton is the sensible head of the co-founders. He is the number whizz and the fashion guru. Seriously, check out his Ninja Turtle Doc Martens. You may (not) recognise Moreton from his performance at 2018's Hack24 as Mr Blobby.

Give them a follow on Twitter, say hi at the local events, offer them a coffee or some chocolate if they look in need. They will both be running around on the day of the event making sure your experience of it is the best they can possibly make it.

Promoting Inclusivity

As an embodiment of the East Midlands tech community, we want to promote inclusivity, support and camaraderie. Here are just a few of the ways we ai to do this:

Accessibilty Page

In order to remain transparent, we have tried to answer as many accessibilty related questions as we could on our Accessibility Page.

Submission And Selection Process

The submission process is anonymous and the selection process democratic. This is a conference for the community, by the community. All talks that are submitted are anonymous. When the attendees vote on which talks they want to see, and when the organisers are sorting out the agenda, identifiable information about those who have submitted can't bee seen. This is to keep the process as fair as possible and ensure talks are picked on their advertised content, not by who is presenting.

As mentioned, attendees will get to vote on the talks they wish to see. Talks will be selected by popular vote, but with some discretion by the organisers of the conference. The discretion is to ensure variety at the conference. If two or more talks are nearly exactly the same, the most popular will continue through and the next most popular, different talk will replace the one with identical content.

We also ask that all talk submissions abide to the Code of Conduct. We want all attendees to feel comfortable at the event, so ask that no submissions or talks contain content of a graphic, violent or sexual nature or contain any language that may be considered marginalising or hateful. If you wouldn't want to say it to someone you respect, please don't include it in your submission. Organisers hold the right to remove anything that may be thought to cause distress.

Making speaking accessible

We would like to encourage more people to speak and to encourage a diverse range of backgrounds, experiences and tech related roles to come and share their learnings at our event. There are a number of ways in which we are trying to make speaking more accessible:

  • Offering mentors for speakers that are selected and request extra help.
  • Speaking in front of a crowd of people isn't easy and we know it. There will be the option to highlight that you would like extra support, as a first-time speaker, or even just as someone who feels that they would benefit from it.

    The East Midlands is lucky to host some amazing (and incredibly generous) international and experienced speakers. Some of these fine people are donating their time to any speakers that indicate they want extra support. This support covers ways to address nerves, timing a talk, structuring the content of a talk, making sure your talk aligns to its description and more.

  • Arranging an optional workshop for all speakers to help them construct their talk.
  • All selected speakers will be invited to an optional workshop before the event. This contains advise on subjects such as talk structure, presentation styles, designing your slides. This is made possible by our very kind Workshop Sponsor. More details will be described here closer to the event.

  • Organisers are speaking at meetups about how to submit a good abstract.
  • All the above is great if you get selected as a speaker, but how can we help you get there? The organisers of DDD East Midlands, Moreton Brockley and Jessica White are going to present a talk on how to submit a talk to the conference, but also give tips on how to create a talk description/abstract that stands out.

    If you run an event in the East Midlands and would like us to come across to present this talk, get in touch. We will also make efforts to write the content of this talk in a blog to increase the ease of access to the content.