Frequently asked questions about submission.

Frequently asked questions about submission.

What is a CFP?

CFP stands for Call for Papers. It's also known as Call For Speakers. It is the request for people to submit their talk ideas.

When does the CFP Open?

2nd April 2021

When does the CFP Close?

30th April 2021.

How do I apply to talk?

We use Sessionise for all talk submission and organisation. We will write a blog again this year on how to fill in this form.

The talks are voted on by attendees through anonymous popularity vote. Only talk titles and descriptions will be displayed on a page which can be filtered by tag. Attendees will vote on what they want to see and the most popular talks will be selected. We ask you do not include any identifiable information in your titles and talks descriptions, and that you don't share the titles of your submissions on social media to help keep this fair. More can be read about this process in this blog post.

We also ask that you ensure all submissions abide to our Code of Conduct.

What are the options for talk length?

Last year we only had the option to submit for hour long talks. We received feedback that this was intimidating to some people who otherwise would have submitted to the event.

This year you can submit for:

  • 60 minute talks (ideally 45 minutes + time for Q and A)
  • 30 minute talks (ideally 20 minutes + time for Q and A)
  • 15 minute length talks.

Can I present with a co-speaker?

Yes you can!

Can I submit more than one talk?

One speaker can submit multiple talks, but if more than one talk gets into the top selected, only the most popular will be picked for presentation. We are limiting talks to one per speaker on the day.

There is the option to submit with a co-speaker as well.

Are travel and accommodation expenses provided for speakers?

As we want to encourage local speakers and keep our costs low, we cannot provide expenses (i.e. travel and accommodation costs) to speakers.