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    Talk Length: 60 mins

Mental Health: Its Time to Talk

Mental health affects us all, albeit at varying levels of intensity, be it from having a restless nights sleep or Bi-Polar Disorder and is still a subject that we tend to approach with caution, if we even speak about it at all, whether with our colleagues and managers, doctors and even our closest friends and family.

Starting talking about our mental health is often hard, but it is one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal to managing your own and your team's mental health and should be discussed in all 1:1s.

Come and gain an insight into some of the things to look out for as preliminary signs that your colleagues, friends, family and perhaps, most importantly, yourself may be suffering, plus how to broach this all-important conversation.

About Ryan

Consultant @BlackMarble - Cloud and Datacentre Management MVP

Ryan is a Cloud and Datacenter Management MVP and has a background with automating many Microsoft technologies with PowerShell starting with SharePoint and lately focusing Azure

Ryan co-ordinates the UK PowerShell User Groups as well as being a main organiser of PSDay UK - the UK's PowerShell Conference

Ryan also runs Leeds Azure - an Azure focused user group for the Leeds area of the UK which meets virtually twice a month.

Ryan is currently a Senior Consultant at Black Marble, a software development consultancy services organisation where his role sees him working on a number of interesting projects that span technologies including Azure, Office 365 and has a strong focus on DevOps/ALM Practices.

Outside of the world of tech Ryan blogs about Mental Health at https://mhasl.me


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