DDD East Midlands has been postponed to 2021
Read more about this decision here

When and Where?


October 2nd 2021


The Nottingham Conference Center (same as this year)

How Will COVID-19 Affect Sponsorship?

With the current state of play, we understand that you may be curious as to what our plans are around COVID-19. We want to ensure everyones safety, while providing a good experience for our sponsors.

Plan A: Conference Goes Ahead

As the event is happening in October, we are far enough ahead in the future that the pandemic might not effect our event. If that is the case, we will be going ahead as planned on October the 2nd 2021.

The safety of all involved is our greatest concern. If isolation or social distancing are still in place or there is still any risk of COVID-19 affecting attendees, we will move to Plan B.

Plan B: Postpone to 2021

If it gets closer to the event and Plan A doesn't look possible, we will postpone the event to 2021. You will be offered the opportunity to carry over your sponsorship. We appreciate your support over this time, so don't want you to miss out. Though this is not the preferred plan, it will give us a great opportunity to work on the event for a further 12 months.

You can read more details around the decision and how it affects attendees in this blog post.

Indicating Interest to Sponsor

Are there still opportunities to sponsor?

Yes there is!

Is there a sponsorship pack?

Yes! Get in touch with Rachel. She will let you know which sponsorship tiers and opportunities are still available and will send you a copy of the sponsorship pack.

Get in touch with Rachel

Rachel is the point of contact for all sponsors and partners. Get in touch with her and she will work with you to ensure you get what you need while supporting the conference. There are a number of tiers, with different benefits and price tags, so there should be something that is right for you.

Once your support level has been confirmed.

The process of becoming a sponsor or partner.

Once your company and Rachel have agreed on the sponsorship opportunity and terms:

  • Send Rachel your Companies House details/link.
  • We will send you a contract to sign.
  • Send back the signed contract and the payment method you want to use.
  • We will send you back a co-signed contract.
  • An invoice for the agreed amount will be sent.
  • There may be assets we have asked for such as logos or company description. Please send these over early so that we can make any website and social media changes.
  • Once the amount has been paid - you will recieve the benefits outlined by the agreement.
  • Your support will be announced on our social media channels.